Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Moving right along...

By Monday afternoon, KCoworker (the man in question) had sent me the following email:

I just wanted to thank you again for going with me
> to the Padre game and with out sounding too
> redundant I do enjoy your company very much. It has
> been awhile since I have dated so please forgive my
> ineptness, or if I'm not being over bearing, or
> making you think I'm some sort of freak or
> something. The last thing I want to do is make you
> feel uncomfortable. I know that a baseball is not
> especially appealing. But I hope you had a semi good
> time. Bruce was happy to see us, and his friend
> seemed to be pretty cool. Bruce asked if I wanted to
> purchase some tickets his son has for sale and go
> down to tail gate w/him, his wife and friends. Would
> you be interested? Oh also I do not want you to
> think that because I am treating you to what ever I
> know your finances are tight and I am not trying to
> buy you (so to speak) by taking you out and paying
> for what ever, I offer them because I like you not
> because I want something in return. Could you please
> call me some time this
> afternoon/evening or would you like to meet for a
> cup of tea?

To which I mentally responded, "AAAAAHHHHH"

Then he brought me some M&M's.

Tuesday he basically avoided my office. Coworker thought by his attitude that I had talked to him but although I did call, he didn't call back. He stopped by to return some money he had borrowed since the trolley machines doesn't take $20's. Later, he sent an email asking what he did to have me ignore him. I responded that I would call later.

Last night I called and said that I was afraid I have misrepresented myself. That I saw our outings as two friends out and about. He said that he saw it that way too. I pointed out that he had been very attentive and that he had mentioned dating. He didn't remember ever saying "dating".

The conversation ended on a good note, but I didn't make any plans to see him again outside of work.

And so my drama ends. Thank goodness.


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I'm glad you talked to the guy, he did indeed mention "dating" and even if he didn't use that word his email totally had that tone so it's good you cleared that up & probably best you don't make plans outside of work with him so he doesn't get the wrong idea again! :)

Rich | Championable said...

This series of stories makes ME stressed! Ag!

Buzz said...

Oh, it hasn't ended.

This guy really wants to be more than friends.

He know's you're not a baseball fan, but then asks you to go to another game? He wants you to be with him, and that's that.

Also, what the hell is he mentioning your finances for? He's TOTALLY wanting to take care of you, and is subtly mentioning that fact by bringing up his chivalry.

Kind of self serving if you ask me.

But, I'm not going to hate on the guy, seems that his heart is in the right place and that he's a decent dude, just perhaps a bit uncomfortable and inexperienced.

He really likes you and is battling with that fact. He's having conversations with himself about "showing his cards too soon" and attempting to predict what you will say, and when you don't act or say things that he doesn't expect, he freaks.

"why did you ignore me all day."


Adults don't act that way unless they've been shaved raw with feelings of infatuation, lust, or love... All of the professional curtsy and etiquite falls by the wayside. Hope that your work-place isn't all upside down becuase of it.