Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Yellowstone stories

I know I have not been forthcoming on the yellowstone stories. and that is no fun. I also know that I have not posted any pictures and by now, I'm sure no one cares. So here's what I will do. as with any of my other stories, I will post them as they come to mind. There are things I will discuss about the trip, and others that I will not, which, sadly, will likely be the juiciest stuff from a trip that really didn't have much along the line of drama.

So today, when I was reading LBB's blog, I came accross a term that reminded me of my trip. The term was, Glory Hole.

For those of you who don't know, a Glory Hole as I understand it, is a peephole into the bathroom. you know, so you can see um, glorious things. (eew!)

Any way, while I was in Yellowstone, camping, we happened to be close enough to the showering facility that each day, before we embarked on our adventures, we would stop at the showers, get clean and warm (it snowed our first two days there. we were in tents. that's some cold right there)

Our second to last day, I was showering happily in the warm water when I noticed that I could see the water dripping at the controller in the wall. so, of course I peeked to see where the hole would go. Into the storeroom I saw. Right through a fairly sizable hole. Thankfully there was no one in there, but it occurred to me that anyone passing through could get themselves a show. I'm sure I was not the first to notice.

Perhaps I am a bad person for not mentioning it to my fellow campers. Those that read know now, those that know them might tell. That's up to them. I made my choice based on the desire to continue showering and, I didn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable. had there been an eyeball looking back at me, I might have decided differently. The mext day? I showered. same stall with the hole. I figure anyone peeking deserved the horrors they got.


Sensei Ern said...

Next time, stuff the hole with as much wet toilet paper as you can. After that stuff dries it will be like plaster. If you come back and the paper is removed, you know someone is using it on a regular basis.

You might be thinking how I know this. Well, it is an old repair trick when moving and having to cover holes.

gagmgd: The near choking noise heard whenever a peeping Tomette sees my body in the peephole

Ginamonster said...

it was more like a gap between the plumbing and the wall. not really something you could patch with toilet paper. but thanks for the tip!