Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Poor Biker Bob

So, Biker Bob and I have plans to spend some time together on Saturday after I get off of work. Meanwhile, I called my mom last night on my way home from practice because I hadn't talked to her in awhile. Apparently, my little sister wants to celebrate her birthday on Saturday.

I'm not the sort to break a date because it's rude, so I asked my mom if I could bring him with. (I then talked to him about it) I could tell that he was a bit uncomfortable about meeting my family, really we are just getting to know each other and I definately think the more "alone" time we have the better. Also, in the scheme of things dating wise, meeting a person's family is generally akin to admitting that there will be further involvement. so I am a bit nervous too. I wasn't really planning to discuss him with my family for a little while (except my seester) and the general knowlege that I have been out on a date or two.

Since little sis lives in PA, there is no way I am gonig to miss an opportunity to come out to play for her birthday. I may even skip derby practice (and I SO need the practice) and the Bad Girls of Craft meeting (which was my backup in case practice was cancelled) to go bowling with the family on Thursday night if they so desire. If bowling is in the cards I plan to ask Biker Bob if he wants to go. I think he might be busy Thursday night though.

So poor Biker Bob. It's bad enough he has to try and fit himself into my schedule. Now he has the added stress of probably meeting my family far sooner than either of us would like. It would have been really nice to spend the day at the pool and making Ice Cream as we originally planned.

I think I may learn to hate summer time. Don't get me wrong, I love the weather, but between the parties, weddings, birthdays, vacations, visitations, and everything else, there is no time to sit back and get to know someone. I tend to have a full schedule from May until September. when does life slow down a bit??


Sensei Ern said...

You will be in Pennsylvania? What city?

Ginamonster said...

My sister is here. I will not be in PA any time soon that I am aware of.