Monday, June 26, 2006

Was the moon full or something?

Friday night...I can't remember Friday night but I am pretty sure I was working.

Saturday I spent some time with Biker Bob. Then I went to work. While at work, I was insulted, snapped at, and generally silly. I'll post pictures of the silliness eventually.
I was insulted: when someone came up to the counter while I was pouring caramel. It's a messy job, I like to focus on it when possible to allieviate the mess. I turned, looked at the couple, who didn't appear ready, and said "Let me know when y'all are ready and I'll be right with you." the answer I got, in a very condecending tone was, "We all are ready now". So I put down my caramel and walked up to the counter, put on my best "you're an asshole" smile and said, "Great! what can I get for you" (or something like that) Why was I insulted? His tone said that he found my use of the term "Y'all" to be indicative of my level of intelligence. I started to write conjecture on what his other opinions of me might be, but it occurred to me that I was assuming that point.

A bit later I was snapped at when a woman came to the counter. Having seen her before, I made a guess at her drink. (we're supposed to remember the regular's drinks) "Cammomile Tea, Venti, right?" I was wrong, it was Tall. one cup.(we are supposed to double cup them for heat) so I grabbed one tall cup and turned for her tea. Then I heard her say, "No." and as I turned she slammed a Grande cup on the counter, and said (firmly) "In this size" I gave her my best "you're an asshole" smile and poured her tea. before she had a chance to ask for it, I asked if she didn't want honey, two packets. her distain was palatable.

The silliness can only be shown in pictures. Biker Bob joined me for my break and waited for me to be done with work so we could go have a drink. The people watching at the bar was phenomenal (and a bit icky) apparently the freaks really do come out at night, and they hang out in East County Bars.

When the girls found out that Biker Bob and I were planning on drinks after work they gave me a new nickname and teased me mercilessly. I am now known as Skankilicious Ho.


NWJR said...

Y'all is a perfectly fine word. I would have used it twice as much since it offended them so greatly. Then I would have played stupid...really stupid.

You have more patience than I.

jen said...

I want Biker Bob details! I have been strangely absent from the internet due to many things...I WANT DETAILS!!

...I'm engaged, by the way. YIKES!!!! lol