Friday, June 09, 2006

A rare blogger complaint

Ususally, I love blogger. but yesterday, it stopped me from my usual daily rambling. in fact, I posted, but it didn't go through. so I'll give you a quick recap of what I would have posted.

A quote from coworker:

"you can't build a restroom without the shitters" heh.

In other news, Brother did not graduate last night. He's supposed to go to summer school, but I fear I have lost faith in his desire to make something of himself.His girlfriend, however, took top honors and all sorts of awards. I am hoping that his respect for her and his desire to keep her in his world will put him back on track. She's not the sort to put up with baloney. True to my word, I have not said anything to Brother. I resigned fromthe position of lecturer and have held myself to it.

hioefully there will be more later because I SWEAR I had more stuff to say, but now I have forgotten what it was.

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