Tuesday, June 13, 2006

at it again

So the neighbors were at it again, which kept me up again. I think this was a new woman so the sounds were not as constant as the last one. Every time I would start to doze off again, she'd give a good, loud moan. However, I was in a better mood last night than I usually am when I am trying to sleep through my neighbor's sex life so I just shook my head and tried to sleep. The woman? hilarious. at one point, she sounded kinda like a dog. you know, like she was barking. At another, she reminded me of Dory from Finding Nemo. speaking whale. specifically, humpback. giggle.

If you could see my bedroom window clearly from the sidewalk, I might consider hanging a sign that says, "All your neighbors can hear you" which would cover the whole appropriate for children to read rule and I hope still get the message across. I'm happy, however, that you can't see very well into my bedroom, because it's hot at night and I like to sleep with the windows and blinds (partially) open.

I also think I know who the neighborly culprit is. We had a balcony to balcony conversation about my garden. Not a bad looking guy, actually, and apparently, quite the sexual powerhouse since things would quiet down then start up again about 10 minutes later (not to mention the cinco de mayo marathon) and in case you are wondering, no, I am NOT going there.

In other news, popped into craigslist today for a giggle, and "Colin's twin" is still posting. actually, he's not as cute as I originally thought. Recieved an email today from a nice fellow named Dave. Since he admits that he reads my blog, Hi Dave!

at Harbucks the other night, an attractive man walked in. I flirted. hee hee. (I am not a flirt. A smart ass, maybe, but not a flirt. so for me, to be able to say I flirted? well, kinda surprising.)I mentioned to my coworker that he was cute. her reply?? "I think he might be gay" and then I saw that he was indeed a food nibbler (he delicately nibbled his cookies instead of taking big manly bites) and, his book bag was less a book bag and more a man purse.

So the determination was made that if I am attracted, he must be gay or at least metro which, is held up completely by my past dating history (with the exception of T) and if He's attracted to me (in person), he must be 80.


Sensei Ern said...

Neighbor guy might have a tape player going, hoping you will think he is a sex god and will stop by when you are desperate.

As for Manbag guy. Jack Bauer carries a manbag. He's not gay, but if you date him, you are guaranteed to die in the next 24 hours, or at least get stabbed.

Metrosexuality...I TOLD you that would happen if you let Queer Eye get on TV. BUt would you listen? NO! Now you made the bed, you are going to have to lie in it.

niony: THe metro sexual way to say, "NEENER-NEENER-NEENER!"

Ginamonster said...

in which case, still, eew. I hope to never be that desperate.

I don't know who Jack Bauer is. but I doubt he is a cookie nibbler.cookie munchers are ok.

I didn't allow Queer Eye on. I maintain that it's a communist plot bent on the pussification of American men. Don't blame me for that one.

AND having dated a non-metrosexual, well, hand over the manly men. I don't want to go back. but I can still think the metros are attractive. tehy do take good care of themselves.

wwdbuy: D? who is D and why do I care what D would buy?

Gary said...

Glad to see you are starting to flirt. Nothing wrong with flirting. Women gave been doing it for thousands and thousands of years. If you want to catch a fish, sometimes you've got to bait the hook. :)