Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I have many. I am a serial Hobbist. I want to do as many things in my lifetime as I can so that I don't look back when I am old and say, "gee, I wish I had learned to do that". There are some things I have a lifetime to do like knitting and kayaking, others, I have a bit of a time limit. like Roller Derby.

On a side note, I told a friend of mine yesterday that I was skating and he suggested that I might be getting too old for that. I replied that now is the perfect time to do it. I'm still young, I bounce well. when am I going to do it if not now?? and life is no fun if you think you are going to get hrt all the time. Sure, accidents happen. and they hurt. but they also don't happen. If I'm going to break something, I want it to be because I was doing something fun and adventurous.

So anyway, after putting Bellydance on hold far too many times for far too long because I was spending time with whatever boy I happened to be with at the time, I promised myself that I would not stop doing the things that I love to do jsut because theere is a man in my world.

Biker Bob is VERY understanding about this. Which, yes, Biker Bob, you get major points for even if I don't tell you so.

So unless I have to work or there is something huge going on, I attend Derby Practice. I want to be able to improve my skating enough to compete. I want my team captain to think that I am dedicated enough to be invited to the inner circle.

There is one thing that will stop me from attending practice tomorrow.

My family might go bowling. You may remember that last year, when my little sister was in town, she told me that what she REALLY wanted to do for her birthday was to go Kayaking. so I emailed all my friends and folks who said they wanted to go and told them they should come along too. I had one friend agree to go and the plan was made. That Thurday rolled around and I recieved a call asking if I was going bowling with the family that night. No one told me the plan had changed. I kept my plan to go kayaking. I still agree that I was in the right. I keep a very tight schedule. I need to be informaed if you want my company.

I am aware that my family might go bowling tomorrow night, and even mentioned it to Biker Bob in case he was home early enough from the baseball game to go (I'm not sure he knew that my mentioning it was an invitation. I will have to discuss that with him). I am also aware that there hasn't been a set plan put into place. I requested to know what was going on, and I told my mom that I would be willing to skip practice to go, but today is Wednesday, and I have not heard anything more about it. Frustrating to no end. So I think that tomorrow, I will plan on attending practice as planned. maybe I will see Biker Bob after, like I did Monday. Apparently he desn't mind seeing me when I am all sweaty. If I hear from my family before I go, great! but I don't want to stress about it. I have a life, and I need to remember to live it on my terms and not wait around for the decisions of others. I also need to remember that I cannot expect other people to wait for my choices.


Bonanza Jellybean said...

A good friend's wife does Roller Derby! She just broke her leg doing it, so no more, but she loved it.

And I do the SAME THING. I have a new fascination monthly. Lately, I'm just trying to stick to one or two. :)

Ginamonster said...

I've been doing my best not to pick up any more!