Tuesday, November 01, 2011

My favorite time of the year

I'm sure that I mention every year that Halloween has always been a particular favorite of mine. Like most things, I have calmed my fervor over the years; there are no longer bats hanging from my ceiling year round, and I no longer dream of decorating in a gothic manner, but to me, Halloween is more that a high holiday, more than candy and costumes, it's the start of "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" (you know you sang that. I did.)

Halloween marks the beginning of spicy smells, gift giving, food eating, and family time. Cooler weather and crisp mornings. I love crisp mornings, I just don't like to get out of bed to greet them.

On Halloween night, I look forward to watching the movie standards and giving away candy. But it seems to me that somehow, the trick or treat ettiquite has been lost.

Trick or Treating, is for kids. I think I stopped when I was 16. I just didn't feel right going around and asking for candy among the 7 year olds. And the adults gave me and my cleavage a look that said, maybe this should be your last year. Last night, I had adults. And I don't mean adults with kids, I mean 50 and 60 year old women at my house, in costume and not, without children, asking for candy. I try not to be rude, I gave them candy. And when I ran out, the first thing I thought was, I told that 10 year old no because someone's grandmother was here.

Teens, have a costume on. SOMETHING that tells me you're having fun with it. Don't just show up on my doorstep in your hoodie and jeans. It you are too old to dress up, you're too old to trick or treat. Yes. I gave them candy anyway. And when I sent away the 8 year olds at 8pm, I thought of those teens next. Bigger than me, no costume, out begging for candy.

Parents with babies that have no teeth, you aren't fooling anyone. Go home. I know you've been excited to show off your baby and his/her costume. They are SUPER CUTE! but I know they aren't eating that candy. Go buy some like I do.

Unless you have allergies, please don't look at what I just put in your bag. When all I had left were singular starburst that I pulled out of my own stash, I felt bad that I didn't have any more mini candy bars. I didn't have any more candy bars because I gave them to someone's grandma.

I did have one woman who politely told me that her son was allergic to peanuts and I gladly gave them a different piece of candy. They were actually my favorite group of the night. The kid was adorable and had excellent manners, and the adults were clearly having a good time.

After I ran out of candy, I turned off my porch light, unplugged the wreath, and let my dog out of his kennel. Chango doesn't like Halloween because he is protective of me and my house so rather than have him bark at everyone all night, I put him away. If the lights are off, that means that house is not participating. Please don't knock/ring and make me hold the dog while he barks his head off, and tell you that I ran out of candy (because I gave it to a bunch of un-costumed teens). I feel bad, I want to give you candy, but I don't have any left that I am not planning to eat. (I saved one of each of the three types of candy I bought for my own consumption and they were goooood)  I turn off the lights so you know not to come to my house. Thats how it works. If you follow this, then you aren't disturbing the people who don't celebrate Halloween.

Next year, I might have to get mean.

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~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I love that! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, its always nice to see comments, especially from someone new :)
We live in the sticks, so we have never had ToT'ers, so we go to my Mom's house in town and help her out. She's getting too old to be jumping every time the door bell rings. She had one ToT'er that told her he didn't like 'that kind of candy', she told him that was all she had, and he should say thank you, he pushed his head in the door, told her, her house smelled like poop. She said 'so does your breath' and closed the door. I can't imagine what people are teaching their kids these days, and then letting them abuse others by not supervising them at the houses they stop at. Makes me a bit sick to my stomach to think were we will be in 30 years.