Wednesday, November 23, 2011

They took away Pinterest

At work. You know, because it's a time suck. So, um, you'll likely see a lot more of me inane ramblings. I can only focus on excel for so long...

In other news, I had an incident today. It isnt' really that big of a deal but enough that it tickles my brain and I need to talk about it some more.

Now, I'm one of those loyal shoppers. I pick something and I generally stick with it because it's usually easier than changing it.

I eat the same foods, shop at the same stores, nearly never rearrange my furniture, I generally stick with the same job unless I am REALLY unhappy (and even then) or I get the itch to expand my horizons which, well, that's another story.

The point is that I made an appointment for a teeth cleaning 6 months ago after my last cleaning appointment. I am VERY interested in keeping my teeth. They help me eat cupcakes. And steak. My appointment was Monday. ( I think. it might have been last week.) Come to think of it, my original appointment was on the 9th.

They called and changed it to last week. Then again to today. I choose the latest appointment I can get because I want to go home after my cleanings. What I SHOULD do is go first thing in the morning so I can be all shiney and polished at my coworkers all day. But, habits.

So, they changed it to today which was fine. Then they wanted me to change it to an appointment an hour earlier, which was also fine, I have things to do this afternoon.

Then they wanted to change it to 2 hours earlier than the last earlier time. I told her I have too much work to do to go in at one; the day before a long holiday can be VERY hectic. Can be.

I understand that they want to leave early today. So do I. But if that was the case, they should have planned for it before I set an appointment and cleared it with my manager. The Hygenist didn't want to clean my teeth at 3 pm as originally shecduled so that asked to reschedule me next Monday.

I rescheduled. With a new dentist.

Whether you are a retail chain or a Doctor, there's something called customer service. And quite frankly, I don't have the patience for the bad kind. The truth is, although they are providing me a service, they are there for me, I'm not there for them. I like them, I really do. As people. But I'm thinking that as a dental practice, they are more concerned with going home early than cleaning my teeth. That's ok. I'm just going to switch to a place that is more likely to keep my appointment times.

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