Sunday, November 20, 2011

I almost cried at the grocery store today

I was there buying personal items to donate when I sat something stuck in with the deodorants. It was a business card that had been ripped in half, but put back together and placed at eye level.

Of course, I had to investigate.

What it said was that such and such a casino supports the gay pride parade. And for the moral safety of your children, you should boycott them. Because gay people are evil. every one of them. And they are out there out there to turn your children on to their homosexual ways.

Funny, in all my years of association with gay people, (and there have been many, many years) I have never seen them try to recruit. I have never been propositioned. Sure, I worked with a woman who would stare freely down my shirt, but I have worked with far more men who have done the same. I have never been encouraged (except by strait men) to experiment with women.

It made me sad. With all the talk about acceptance, all the discussions on stopping the bullying, there are people out there spreading hate. Believe what you want, but there is enough hate in the world. There is no need to encourage it.


@therebelchick said...

You have more will power than I do...I would have given them the verbal beat down of their lives!

Sensei said...

Coach Sandusky is a gay man who used his influence and position to destroy the lives of many boys. Besides having man/boy sex with many boys as young as 9 years old, the investigation is looking into him prostituting many more boys for men of power in the PA area, including Catholic clergy and law enforcement, and state politicians.

Of course not all gay men are so vile that douchebags have a higher character. But, Sandusky is one that is that vile.