Wednesday, November 16, 2011

There's something wrong down there.

We all know I'm not the neatest person in the world (although, thanks to I am TOTALLY getting there! YES! I drank the flavor aide and am a full fledged flybaby! I love it!) and when it comes to my clothing, I care a little less than I should.

That's not true.

What is true is that I have accepted that I can't afford to dress in the manner I would like and I am far too lazy too mend. I have to force myself to get rid of things that are worn or ill fitting (I always wash them first) but I am getting better about that too. I have started throwing out stuff with even the tiniest stains and the other day? I managed to match my socks to my shirt, my underthings to each other, I wore a belt (needs replacing) and my shoes and handbag matched insomuch as they were both black. So was the belt. Progress. Baby steps. Apparently, that's still not good enough, but whatever. My sisters have been trying to affect my wardrobe for years. like, 20 years. Wait. better make that 30. I have never been a fashionista. I do admire them though. And wonder how they afford it...

There's one thing I am insistant about.

One thing that is (almost) always in good repair.


They are matched according to wear level and color fade, folded and put away. If they are thin, they go into the trash or the monkey pile. (except the cookie monster socks)

Today I was sitting at my desk when suddenly, something felt a little funny.

You know. Down THERE.

In my shoe. (which also needs to be replaced. I've already plugged one hole in the sole with hot glue)

I took off my shoe and saw to my horror... my big toe. I have errands to run after work. And my big toe is NAKID. Not okay. If I wasn't still at work I'd draw a face on it. Then I would feel better. I'd totally get caught though. Shoe off, toe out, with a sharpie...

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Sensei said...

Keep in touch to let us know you are safe from the raging fire in Reno.