Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This is getting rediculous

I don't know how it is for you, but I'm getting increasingly frustrated with this whole need-a-password-for-everything thing.

I used to keep the same password for everything. It made it really easy to remember. I would just change numbers when I needed to change it. Then I added another one. And another one. So now I have three different passwords. Which is fine, I know it's one of the three.

But then, the numbers in one place don't change at the same pace as the others. it might be 1, it might be 15. Did I capitalize? Is there a space? Is there a special character? I don't know! So I change it and further lose track of what I changed it to.

I need people to stop trying to steal identities because this password thing? Gonna drive me mad. I'd write them down but they are supposed to be SECRET passwords. So I DO write them down and then stick them in random hidey places only to be found after I have changed the password because I forgot that I wrote it down OR I hid it so well I can't find it.

Not a good way to hold on to the few threads of sanity I have left.

Honestly? I just want to get online, pick out a Primary Care Physician so I can get my thyroid (and my pearl*) checked out to see if maybe I'm not just mentally but hormonally imbalanced and THEN, if I am, maybe I can fix it and I won't be so absent minded anymore. AND maybe not gain weight whether I over eat or not.

*I developed a lump on my back. It was a zit or something that healed over and never went away. It's firm but doesn't grow. neither is it discolored in any way. My girly dr said it looks like a fatty deposit but "that's not her area of expertease so I should probably go get a second opinion" She didn't even want to look at it (she referred me to my PCP but I didn't have one then either. Come on, I go to the Dr once a year.) but I was insistant that she make me feel better. Since it doesn't do anything but look like a bump, I can generally ignore it. I decided that I got some sand or something stuck under my skin and someday when the Dr removes it they will find a lovely pearl. Which is WAY better than the other thing I think which is that they will a) remove it with a melon baller leaving a giant cratery scar on my otherwise blemishless back. (snort) b) It will be icky in there and someone will have to help me clean it out while it heals as I have heard does happen and I don't really have anyone nearby that I feel like I can go to for that stuff. There's a couple of people who would likely do it if I asked, but that's a super personal thing that I just can't ask of anyone. "Hi! Will you help me irrigate my pearl hole? I can't reach it since it's right in that spot that only Gumby can get to. Here's a turkey baster and some H2O2"

Allright. I think my password has been reset (again). Since I have my control journal with me today, I think I'll just go ahead and jot it down this time. In a made up language so no one can access my medical files and steal my identity. Including myself in all likelyhood...

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Sensei said...

You can put them in a text file using notebook, and save the text file with a password...one that does not change...and then you have them secure.

Of course, there is a chance that someone will find the file and eventually figure out the content. To fight that, name it something boring like, "My Dates With Herman Cain.txt".

veri-word: fooper
noun. a mistake so big that it embarrasses you to think about it, but no one really ever thinks about it to remind you because they do not care...like the time you had a crush on Herman Cain...it is short for f*ck-up of super dooper size.

Often used as part of "fooper scooper" which is the clean up of the puke that you hurl each time you think of dating Herman Cain.