Saturday, November 26, 2011

I must REALLY love him

There are a few things that I didn't consider when I first picked up Chango and he lay his little black head on my shoulder.
Firstly, I didn't know I could want a dog as much as I wanted him. It was love at first snuggle and I can't imagine a better match. He keeps me in line. Maybe it's the Border Collie? and like any good collie, he keeps me out of trouble. Like how he tells me it's time for bed or that I've forgotten that I'm cooking dinner and its about to burn.
He's a really good boy.
But, I didn't consider kennel costs. If I did, I just didn't think there would be this many weddings, holidays, baptisms, or VERY IMPORTANT birthdays.  Or how often I'm not at home. Or how I might date someone who prefers his house over mine. (Chango gets to visit sometimes too and I'm sure said date would be happy to go to my house, but his is neater and tends to smell a lot less like bunny).
I also didn't consider that he might have a sensitive belly.

Sensitive belly means that he often gets the P&Ps. The poop and pukes. And it often happens that I'm not at home so it's all over himand his kennel when I get home. Then there was the night I had a very realistic dream that someone squeezed a mustard bottle and immedietly woke up knowing, the sound didn't come from my dream.

Poor boy. He always looks so unhappy, but he sure likes to eat chicken and rice for a few days until I put him back on food. And of course, the expensive stuff bothers him the least...

We have a routine though.

1) I come home, take a deep breath, and say, "oh no" (Hi Baby! (Phew!) I know, thank goodness I made it home AGAIN! Lets go take care of your brother)
2) Into the laundry room I go...
3) "Hi bug. I know. you're a good boy. you didn't do it on purpose" during which I open his kennel and we run through the house (thank goodness for tile flooring because it's always on his paws) and out the kitchen door

Now, time before last that this happened, he shook himself all over the kitchen. twice. Now I am smart enough to hold his scruff until he is out the door.

4) clean clean, scrub, scrub, bleach.
5) Into the tub he goes.
6) tub clogs (this has happend twice). Dog watches me as I carefully balance myself on the sides of the tub, nakid (no pictures!) and shower the dirty away one half a body at a time. Thank goodness my shower has a handicap bar.

He's on Iams Natural now which is supposed to not have any allergens. Lets hope it works out for him...

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