Thursday, February 19, 2009

Working through the storm

B and I have been texting (who the hell allowed this to be a word? I mean, really? and yet, I use it...)  all evening about the quagmire we find ourselves in. No, this doesn't mean we are trying to fix it, but it has really helped me to discuss what we (ok, mostly me. He's just sorry and regretful) are feeling. We both know that it's not fixable. That the trust is broken.  He contacted me, I wasn't expecting to chat all evening but it's been a good thing excepting the fact that I forgot to eat dinner. Which really isn't that odd, I tend to neglect food when I am upset anyway. And, well, although I know it is not a viable way to go about it, I HAVE been holding steady over at Shrinking Piggies...

Sigh. This crap is never easy... That's life I guess!

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