Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day in my house

B is due to come over in about half an hour which means that I need to quit writing and get in the shower- I have been cleaning all day. For about a half an hour, my house did not smell like dogs.

The plan for the night is that he will cook me dinner, something he has not done yet despite his former incarnation s a cook. I will put a fresh clean sheet on the couch and we will snuggle up with a movie, something we have never done on the couch but last week tried in my bed with the portable DVD player. It was interesting, and fun to watch a movie in bed on a 5 inch screen, but I think I prefer to watch on the 48 inch. You know, because it's easier to see. 

My roommate has left to go to dinner with a friend of hers, promising to return no earlier than 8 pm and assuring me that she will go strait to her room and turn the TV up or, if we are in my room, camp out in the living room since the walls here are paper thin and she doesn't want to hear anything. 

We have, two hours to have a romantic and private evening. We still have to pick up the makings for dinner. I'm thinking she will be back in time for us to sit down for dinner. I wonder if she will decide to camp out in the living room or go to her room?

28 days

Update 6:40 pm

B fell asleep with the kids and is running an hour late. I'm eating anything I can find in the house because I am hungry. I am expecting to sit down to dinner at about 10 pm. 


Anonymous said...

Love to hear an update on this. Hope all went well for you.

Ginamonster said...

And the survey says!!....buzzz!