Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mooving right along

Things are going good and I feel as though I am bouncing back nicely.

B and I are talking, not about a future, but trying to be friends. Yes, I am watching with a wary eye, and no, I am not spending any time with him. 

Instead I have jumped back into the internet game where I have found one handsome man who contacted me back in Nov. but I ignored since I was seeing someone. He hasn't responded to my message, but it's nice to know there is someone attractive out there. And another guy who I have exchanged a couple of messages with.

We won't talk about the trucker who invited me for a ride...To his house for a threesome with his wife. (ok. he invited me for a ride. his PROFILE talked about the threesome!) I told him I don't take rides from strangers. 

Then there's the cutie boy at work who suddenly became a lot more interesting when I discovered he can't possibly be 12 as originally thought, and you know, I'm suddenly single. (Is that like Suddenly Seymore?) 

And the new ref who is also very cute.

The girls are stepping up and trying to hook me up with... anyone. It's sweet. I feel loved. 

Puppy butt is... Cute. And a little bit naughty. He got into my yarn yesterday and I KNOW! Pictures...

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