Sunday, February 08, 2009

How old are we again?

I'm not entirely certain how to properly relay the following story, so you will have to pardon me if it does not flow.

Last night, we had our first bout of the 2009 season. Weeks of planning, working lunches, meetings and errands culminated in one evening of roller derby madness. I even got sent to the penalty chair, 'Ole Dirty, for beating up my wife. I think it needs a good sanding, I had splinters in my butt. 

A few of the skaters from the other team in town showed up to watch. This is not unusual as we have been trying to foster a better relationship with them. We respect them as skaters and derby sisters and our skaters will occasionally attend their bouts in a show of support. It is an understood fact among those of us who have been skating with the Reno Roller Girls for any amount of time that they have a different philosophy on skating and therefor the oft suggested merger would not work out well. We don't want to be them, they don't want to be us. 

This time was a little different though. We have caught on tape, in the past, the sound of them bashing our style and skill. Last night, they actually approached one of our skaters and suggested that they come in and coach us. She was flattered and brought it to my attention, a bit on the excited side that they would want to help us. 

The sad thing is, they weren't looking to help. The offer was a condescending attempt at insult. I am not a member of the coaching staff and do not get involved with coaching matters, so I told her that she was welcome to bring the offer to the table at a league meeting. I knew it wouldn't go over well, but didn't think that the middle of the bout was a good time to bring up past injury and hurt, especially when we have been working so hard at mending the tears that occurred before and during my tenure with RRG. 

Fast forward to the after party, and the two skaters from the other team showed up and cornered one of our skaters in the bathroom. They insulted her, telling her she wasn't good enough to skate banked track, that she should stick with flat, that she was a crappy skater. That they have been trying to recruit her and blah blah blah...(I'm guessng that the blah blah blah was somethingt o the effect of she would get better with them, but it was a noisy bar and I have sucked down my SoCo and Seven like it was mana from heaven) My girl is one who has been working very hard in the year that I have known her to control her temper and I am very proud of her that she didn't try to fight them. She told them that her heart is with RRG and that she has no desire to switch teams. 

So they went and cornered another girl. And another. Threw drinks. Got punched. And kicked out of the bar. This was the point at which I returned, having left with Wifey to get some Jack in the Box since it was right next door and I hadn't eaten much that day. I saw them getting into their truck and overheard them saying something about how we were staged or something. We learned about the drama after we got back in the bar. 

Amazingly enough, they returned later and started more crap. And the glorious Mz V took them both on. I pulled her off and took her back into the bar; she has a kid at home and doesn't need to go to jail or deal with an assault charge. She was pretty fired up. The two skaters? I only got a good look at one of them. Of the two, one had a familiar name, but I don't know who is who. She is notorious though for having a little too much say in who gets to skate with her team. Rumor has it she will push you out if you are a better skater than she, although, she is, apparently pretty damn good. She is known for just this sort of drama.

What I don't get is why. Why would you come to someone's party and talk shit? Why would you come back knowing you are outnumbered? What is the point of insulting a group of people who really don't have any interest in you at all? I know some people just need drama. But this was just silly. I told Wifey she needs to call the president of their team and talk to her. Because, this is not what derby is supposed to be about. Friendly rivalry? Sure. But this was out and out insult. At our bout and after party. They PAID to get in and do this. (they don't get into our bouts for free as would any other team because the rink owner won't allow it. There is bad blood there. In return, we pay to get into their bouts) They deliberately undermined the goodwill that we have been trying to foster over the last 6 months. That sort of behavior can get you kicked out of my league.

I don't get it. I hope I never do. 

Wifey was finding out who the president of the the other league is so that she can discuss with her the behavior of those skaters, and  it turned out, that WAS the president. Wow. Not what I would want in a leader.


Chickie said...

Flaming twatwads. That is just rude all around.

VickeyMichelle said...

Splinters=Karma :) hehehehehe

Anonymous said...

There is no drama like derby drama!

tiff said...

I will now be shot dead, I'm sure, for saying this, but....

It's just Roller Derby! How can something so seemingly ENJOYABLE be shot all out of proportion into this kind of silliness?

Perhaps I need to learn more.