Saturday, February 21, 2009

Introducing Alcohol; The depressant

I'm really trying. And for the most part, I'm doing an excellent job in keeping a smile on my face. It isn't easy. But I know I will pull through. After all, it's been two days even though we both know that things were sliding rapidly in this direction for about a week. 

Last night, I went with Wifey to a party. Just a small one, really. BF-in Law was suggesting that I make a move on the Hostess's brother, and everything felt back to "normal"-The inlaws trying to set me up with any single man who came along, and me giggling and saying I wasn't opposed to trying. In my mind I was saying, "It's too soon".

I had two drinks. Mike's Hard Lemonade, figuring that I wanted to sleep in my own bed and didn't want to find myself passed out somewhere weird this morning. About 9:30, the weepies threatened. And I wished I had my car so I could go home. And for some reason, my hip was hurting (Still does. Im thinking delayed onset soreness from a fall I took Wednesday Night) I found myself quietly sitting on the couch.

Wifey must know me better than I thought because as soon as she saw me there, she offered to take me home. I accepted and here I am.

I'm still a little mopey. The Roommate has the next door neighbor changing her spark plugs. I am invited to the mechanics party but since I don't really ever talk to Tom, I don't feel right about it. I would rather pay a stranger than take advantage of a neighbor. Plus, I don't feel like driving the 10 blocks or so to the auto parts store. I would have to comb my hair. put some pants on that reach my ankles. leave the house. 

It was nice this morning, as it is most Saturdays, to get up before everyone else and start doing some chores. Chango and I had some quiet time with each other without al the dogs bombarding me for attention. I meant to drive to Mammoth to be with my family today, but that will have to be tomorrow. I'm sure I will feel better tomorrow. 

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Chickie said...

Give in the the weepies and let those bitches out! Then, put some mascara on.

I'm sorry B was a lying weasel.