Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My ass is killing me

I finished my fourth derby practice last night by breaking through a small group of blockers and then, at the point where I would have scored a point had we actually been playing, hitting the rink. I scraped my knee through my knee pad to achieve my first Reno Derby injury.

And, having completed my trial, I am now a Reno Roller Girl, and while on probation, thrilled to be in the league. I'm not sure if I have mentioned how welcoming they are and how pleased I am to be a part of it, even newly so. But I won't gush about it forever, just as long as I can't walk for the pains in my groin. Seriously. Ow. AND I can't WAIT to make a roller monkey. It's all planned out in my head. Too bad I'm lazy, it might take awhile to actually make it happen.

I'm skipping practice tonight, having completed my two a week requirements, mostly because it doesn't start until 9 which means no beddy bye until midnight or so. Way too late for this sleepyhead! I'd like to see cowboy, but I doubt I will at this point, so I think I am going to settle in for an evening of sewing or spinning. And movie watching. and probably sleeping because it kinda hurts to do anything else.

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