Tuesday, January 15, 2008

At least the stove won't catch fire anymore

It's been a fun and exciting couple of days. Between high stresses at work, flying home for a wedding, and my first Reno Roller Girls practice tonight, I am feeling a bit crazy!

Work...I don't talk about it much, but I have recently been handed some challenges that I am trying to work through. It's being tough. It's being frustrating. But I am trying to work through it. no pun intended

The wedding was great! I snuck Drunk Monkey into the reception and had a great time with my family. The only bad thing? really? The smell. Brawley, CA smells like agriculture which, for the uninitiated, that night, smelled like chicken shit. Then we almost caught fire on some live electrical wires in the parking lot. But, the night was over by then and no one was hurt. While gone, I decided three things.

When the town smells like chicken shit, no one will notice if you fart.
I'm considering tattooing "pull" on my right index finger.
I'm considering "smell" for my left.

I'm kidding about the tattoos, but my cousin says it's no wonder I'm not married. My other cousin offernd me a job making 50 thou a year as a leagal secretary and a free apartment. I declined as I really want to make it here. I just arrived, after all. But If I find myself without a job, I'm supposed to call.

Spending time with my mom on Sunday was wonderful, and when the whole available crew came to the airport to send me o
off, I was pleased beyond belief.

I worried about having left my car unlocked at the airport all weekend. And, yeah, I did. I'm a lucky, lucky, girl. Still have a car, still have everything I left in my car.

Yesterday was another stresser. I owrked so long I missed my chiropractor appointment. Thankfully, I was able to reschedule.

And now, I'm going to skip my other news in light of the fact that I need to get ready to go skate. YAY!


Sensei Ern said...

http://www.misternicehands.com is still among my favorite sites.

Stay safe, but stay mean in the derby!

Killer said...

You are in a roller derby league?!? That is pretty bad ass. Kick some bitch in the ovaries for me.

Ginamonster said...

Sensei, giggle...

Killer, I just joined yesterday, so I'm not really IN the league yet, but give me a couple of weeks! If I happen to kick someone in the ovaries, I'll be sure and yell, "That was for you, Killer!"