Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I learned today that I did not get all the possible white trash genes I could possibly have gotten from my ancestors, some of whom have lived in trailers. Why, you ask? I cannot fry. I try to fry. I attempt the action. I can saute. I can bake you just about anything you can come up with, especially if it is spelled with a dessert. I can steam, I can boil. I cannot fry. I can't even make a decent pancake. really. Scrambled eggs? ok. fried potatoes? yeah, they were pretty crunchy. My grandmother is rolling over in her grave. The dead one. She? fried everything. and no, she was NOT white trash. But she did once make beer in her bathtub.

I have discovered my inner coke head. Yes, I have a problem. I like coke. I have some coke every day. I was never into coke. I didn't like how it made my teeth feel. For some reason, I now buy and consume large quantities of it. here is a picture...

It's so strange because I have tended to be a root beer or a sprite girl. I have been hding behind my new addiction by telling myself that it's Cherry Coke ZERO which means it's good for me and ok to drink after the gym, right?

Speaking of the gym, except for today, I'm liking my results.


Sensei Ern said...

It's so strange because I have tended to be a root beer or a sprite girl.

Every morning, I pack my lunch for work with a can of Sprite and a can of A&W.

cyqemo: the kewl spelling describing the mental part of dressing in black, cutting yourself, fascinating over death, and listening to crappy music set to goth rhythms.

THW said...

Diet cherry coke zero is the bomb.

But I have a sneaky feeling that in 10 years or so we're going to find out that diet drinks were bad and that silicone should never have been used in cooking utensils.

Until then, I'm happily quaffing away diet drinks and using my silicone spatula for everything.

Chickie said...

Do you have a Fry Daddy? It makes frying fun!

Sensei Ern said...

Do you have a Fry Daddy?

Nah. GM is too high class for that. She's got a George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Eliminatin' Grilling Machine!

Chickie said...

You've gotta get one of the high end Fry Daddys. Big, with a nice basket.

My ex got ours in the divorce.

Sensei Ern said...

My ex got ours in the divorce.

Isn't that a Jeff Foxworthy joke?

Chickie said...

There are some things that are too good to be made up.

Ginamonster said...

Sensei, sometimes I worry that we are too much alike. Except I am not a Republican. Shoosh, no I'm not.

thw, I decided a long time ago that life causes cancer. And while I don't see any reason to take unnessesary risks or start smoking, I don't see any reason to give up life either. Somehow, I think you agree!

Chickie, I don't know what a fry daddy is. My daddy used to get fried, is that the same thing?

Sensei, I do have a george forman grill. I miss it. I'm not huge on fried stuff. I don't think they sell those here.

Chickie, I had a thing that you fill with oil and you can deep fry...Is that the same thing? I didn't use it because I didn't want to clean it. Oh, nd that whole fried thing. My ex got our joint copy or Tarzan (the cartoon), Office Space, and The Fifth Element. The next one kept the house (well, it WAS his after all...Hi C!!) and the next got my heart. I like your story better.