Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Catch up

The strangest thing happened when I moved.

I became lazy (er). Haven't gotten a home. took months t get a licence. Those curtains I have been meaning to sew since June? got sent, yesterday. Let's not talk abut the thank you cards that weigh on my mind every day but for some reason? I just can't get arount to them.

Today though, I got my insurance switched over. And last week I renewed my business insurance. Those curtains (obviously) are done. can it be that I'm finally getting back on track?

Let's hope so. I still have a long to do list. But I feel optimistic.


Rich | Championable said...


I'm totally in that mode, too. Kind of kicking into gear.

Gretta James said...

Wahoo go you.

Gretta x