Friday, June 29, 2012

Little Bliss List

I worried that I would not be able to dig up enough bliss this week to form a list. But it seems to me that when you are hurting the most, that is when you should find those blissful moments. That's when it is most important to count your blessings.

Without sounding too maudlin, and I am trying really hard to move out of the "woe is me" phase, I'm still walking a fine line between tears and "okay". When I care, I care deeply, whether I am showing it or not. I hope that never changes about me.

I started my list early. So that I wouldn't miss or forget anything. It's so easy to lose the sunshine when life is a little cloudy.

1. I got to snuggle the most adorable pit bull puppy. She's 7 weeks old and still made of velvet and milk teeth
2. my own pup has been at my side, where I need him, and I am thankful for him
3. time with friends has been awesome this week. They have taken turns distracting me and cheering me up.
4. I signed up for the Color Me Rad run in Reno in September. I know its a couple of months away, but I am really looking forward to a fun little 5k full of color. I don't see how it won't be joyful.
5. I hit over 10,000 steps on my fancy pedometer two days in a row!!


Blair Shackle :: The Turquoise Heart said...

Hello there :) Sorry to hear you've been having "one of those weeks." Glad you were able to still spread some sunshine - can I cuddle with that pup, too!? Have a great weekend. xo

Ginamonster said...

Blair, if she was mine, I'd hand her right over!! Thank you for your kind words.

Michele Bergh said...

Glad you found some bliss in your week. Thank God for puppies and friends:)

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

I find that the hardest weeks are exactly when I need this list most. Hope it helped and this week treats you more kindly xx

Lindsay Drya Vanhove said...

Congrats with the 10 000 steps! And puppies are sooo cute!! :) I really hope you will have a fantastic week.