Monday, June 11, 2012

Communication is key

I try not to complain about my job (here) because this IS a public forum and I would like to keep my job. But the following conversation is happening RIGHT NOW and it illustrates that clear communication is important. And a time saver. Mind you, the information I need is currently less than 5 feet away. But asking her interrupts her work flow. I can look it up, but that is causing me extra work that could have been communicated in less than 50 keystrokes.

coworker: Can one of you pick me up at the airport?
me: are you there right now??
(insert very long pause)
Coworker: No, tomorrow.
me: what time?
(I am still waiting for the answer to this)

She could have saved us a ton of effort and emails had she simply said, "Can one of you pick me up at the airport tomorrow at 8:30?"

I run into this a lot. People assuming you know what they are thinking and in the process send messages in a manner that is truncated. Or that since the information is availbale somewhere, you chould just go look it up.

For example, I might ask, "Do you want chicken or fish for lunch?" and you reply, "Yes."

This sort of thing makes me want to start drinking at work. Unfortunately, I would get fired. See above.


It's been more than 30 minutes. I'm still waiting to find out when I am supposed to pick her up.


It's been three hours. I just sent another message which said, "I will happily pick you up at the airport tomorrow but I need to know when your plane lands"

I did check her calendar (nothing) and I do know when she is supposed to land, but really? She needs to tell me when to come and get her. Principle.

The next day...
Pickup went great; her phone had died. BUT I made sure we are all set to get her back to the airport and have confirmed date and time for pick up again next week. I'm a planner. It's what I do.

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