Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Bliss

I'm having a little trouble with it today because I have a VERY long weekend ahead of me which may include very little handsome man and a whole lot of being outside in the hot sun chasing rollergirls. Add that to the fact that I have business issues that I need to take care of face to face that came to light at about 8:00 this morning when I was still nakid and supposed to be at work and you can imagine that digging out the bliss might take a minute.

It's there. I know it. Because I am blessed, damnit. And it's been a couple of weeks since I have participated in Liv's list so I should really be overflowing with blissful things.

The funny thing about stress though, is that it becomes your every moment of thought. So the blissfull things that you would usually roll around in and toss joyfully into the air like sparkle confetti get forgotten in the focus of that one stressful moment.

Enough of that.

1. Poo came into town for a visit. In addition to getting to hang out with him, he cooked me a steak the size of my head and  I ate the whole thing. The whole thing. It was delicious. The bone and fat? went to the dog, who doesn't generally get that sort of thing. I think he might be hooked.
2. I love my new pedometer! Yesterday, when I synced it, I discovered that in the last couple of weeks I have completed a full marahon and part of another. It's great to be able to see the progress I have been making.
3. So, I'm at the handsome man's house on Sunday and I happen to glance up and see the most brilliant blue sky. So, I stared at it for awhile, and before I knew it, he was exclaiming that we have access to the bluest sky that there ever was. And we just sat there for a bit staring at the sky together.
4. My neighbor had a BBQ. It was tough to go because she and I have never actually met, but she's a smart one and invited the neighborhood, knowing that it might get noisy. Befor eI knew it, there was talk of fire spinners and kareoke. By the time I left, I was glad I went.
5. Poo and I cleaned up the yard a bit and he fired up the grill and we sat on the back patio and I just simply enjoyed the heck out of my home. And it was goood.
6. Goodbad chinese food and a free movie in the wife and sister! It is always fun hanging out with them, and well, you just can't get better than free for a movie.

I've missed my dear Poo. It's been a couple of years since I saw him and it wasn't until I picked him up from the airport that I realized just how big of a hole in my life he is supposed to fill. It was aewsome to have him and I am really happy that his new job will bring him to my area more often. I had to keep reminding myself that he would be back soon. He and the dog got along famously as I knew they would.

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