Thursday, June 07, 2012

Censoring my inner asshole

I need to remind myself that just because I can be an asshole in my head doesn't mean I need to share it with everyone. I understand that this makes for some entertaining or conversation provoking blogging, but that doesn't mean that is who I want to be.

These things are being written because the last couple of days I AM being an asshole in my head. And I DID share the assholery with Bratty... and those things that were coming out from my mouth? Sounded even worse verbalized. Partially because she belongs to the demographic I was ranting against. But she? Tends to get a pass because I love her.

So since I didn't get the relief I was looking for from her, I came here and started typing it out. Yanno what? the assholery grew. It didn't get better, it grew. I don't feel better for having shared it, I feel like I should feel guilty for feeling the way that I do.

Not a good way to spend the day. In the end, the more I bitch about it, the more I am the bitch. I am reminded that I need to stop expecing a cookie for being part of the village, and for doing my job. Goodness knows, thats a behaviour I don't accept from other people, why should I accept it from myself?

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