Sunday, January 15, 2012

when happy just oozes out

Part of the reason that I decided to become more focused on bringing joy into my world was because I got into a discussion on my website hosting community that turned very negative. I had posted what I thought was a constructive sugestion for us all, and it turned into something far nastier. So I started laying low in the forums and decided to pin/buy/or complement via direct message the people who were appealing to me instead of suggesting openly that we all think twice about what we put in our stores.

Additionally, I have been trying to avoid getting involved with any conversations focusing on negative things and reading the happy things. Jokes, kudos, little stories. Today I popped into a converstaion labelled something to the effect of "If you need a shoulder to lean on" and the outpouring of support for eachother that I found therein was uplifting.

Drama might be exciting. It might get your adrenellin going. But it feels so much better to feel the love.

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