Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Something to change about myself

I'm oganizing all of the volunteers and non skaters for the bout coming up on the 28th at Roller Kingdom (yeah, I just did that) and started getting frustrated with the people who responded to my call for help with "I'll do whatever you want" or "I'm available for whatever!" because it doesn't help me to fill in the very specific blanks.

Then I realized that I have become so easy going about certain things that I don't tend to have an opinion. So for me, without being obnoxious, "whatever is fine" is no longer an acceptable answer. Because the person asking is asking because they they WANT to have my input and opinion OR they WANT to place me in a spot where I will be happy. And also? sometimes when there are 50 spots to fill, "I can't help you" (not acceptable this time.) is better than "put me wherever".

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