Friday, January 13, 2012

Another great day! With a side of frustration

But we won't talk about me getting frustrated because it was about work and I don't talk about that here. Public forum and all. Actually, I don't talk about work ANYWHERE on the internet unless it's a happy thought because, well, I do like my job most of the time and I would like to keep it.

So happy news for the day? I lost three pounds since last weigh in. That may not seem like much, but down is so much better than up. Sure, I've cheated a bit on the new eating plan, but for the most part
I've been staying on the healthy side of the food pyramid and I am definitely not binging and starving. Not that I can anymore, but hey, my attitude is MUCH better. Most days.  My lunge goal? Going good.

In pearly news, eew. I am rethinking the whole "have the Dr remove it" part of the story because, well, its gone down considerably since the last time I saw her (eew) and I get the bill today for the bloodwork I had done. It's over $300. One more reason its a good thing there isn't actually anything wrong with me that a healthy diet and some exercise won't fix. Gross though it is (and it is) allowing it to "take care of itself" is free...  Medical attention is REALLY expensive.

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