Monday, January 24, 2005


I don't think I have mentioned that I am seeing someone, and he's very nice. Maybe I have, but this one has to do him (sort of) and with the awkward feeling that happens when someone old finds out about someone knew.
I have already been through the drama of my most recent ex finding out, he knows because I told him (he asked what was new and wouldn't take nothing for an answer!!) He ended out friendship because he cannot stand the idea of me being with someone else. Long story for another day, I think.
But then there is the boy at work. No one knew we were dating, although my boss gave me a hard time about it. But he FINDS reasons to tease me, so I hid it well under joking guise. BUT he has been all over the fact that I saw the new man this weekend and oh what were we doing and all that. Since the bonehead boy was in my office while all this teasing was going on, I do believe he knows there is someone new. Which is good because he needs to knwo that I wasn't waiting around for him to decide whether he wanted to date me, but bad because he had to find out that way.
But then, I tell myself, why do I owe him the courtesy of anything? This is not me beign bitter, but realistic. He would have allowed me to keep calling, and strung me along for who knows how long while he tried to decide what he wants out of life. At least the new man, while he may not know whathe wants to do with his life (if he does, he has not shaed it with me) but he is very vocal that he thinks I'm wonderful! Hell, chuck the rest of the list, that's enough for me! (ok, keep the parts of the list about not doing drugs or having major addiction problems)

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