Thursday, January 20, 2005


All day long I have been trying to decide what I should post. and it came to me in an interesting way.
This morning I had an email in my box from a coworker that I know by sight only. it was blank. Without thinking, I fired off a smart ass remark about bragging. He's an assistant manager, while I am a supervisor. what followed, was a day long tease and banter session about ourselves and our jobs, which had us both laughing all day.
It seems we both had an outside view if each other that was false. He saw me as non-mistake prone (this was in repsonse to my comments about being exceptionally clumsy) and I saw him as very serious and almost anti social. (I didn't tell him about the anti social part)
So it seems that we both judged each other, although we have never officially met, based on the few times we have passed each other in the halls or attended the same meetings.
How many other potential friends have I missed out on because I judged them or thought they wouldn't like me? I think I need to reconsider my impressions of people. I might be losing a lot of chances for a lot of laughter.

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