Monday, January 31, 2005


I was just reading about the Blogger awards and I must say that although I would like to hope for a nomination by someone other than myself next year, (I didn't really start blogging until this year) based on the number of coments I have received so far, I think I will continue to write into anonymity.

In the meantime, I will continue to spout my observations on the world. Because, as I just reminded myself, I'm not doing this for you, I'm doing it because I should be working.

This weekend was fun and busy, a lot of friends, a little bit of drinking. I still don't like champange, and I cannot bear wine. Actually, I was preferring soda over booze. Maybe Tom is right, maybe I am getting old. Perhaps I am boring too, which would explain why Mr Right Now falls asleep all the time when we are together. This is a mental complex I don't need. It was nice seeing him, however briefly, Friday night.

My friend Tom was in town on leave from the Army. Tom is my opposite in so many ways, it is amazing that we have remained friends these ten years. For all that I believe in the good in everyone and the world and have hope for a bright future, he believes that everything (especially himself) is essentially evil and insists that I may never see him alive again after he heads off to the middle east this spring, or, at the very least, he may come back without a few limbs. But at the very least, he would like me to knit him a scarf and send lots of goodies. And he told some sex stories that sent me into the fetal position, rocking and trying to think happy thoughts.

I got a haircut, and I am enjoying it, except that during the time when most girls were learning about makeup and how to handle a hairdryer, I was out catching toads and roaming wildly through the hills where I lived. As lifelong tom boy, I think it makes sense that I am finally exploring my feminine side by knitting and cooking, I wish I was as good with a hair dryer as I am with an oven. Perhaps I will try sticking my head in the oven tomorrow morning to see how my hair comes out. Dry heat, right?

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