Wednesday, January 26, 2005

a transfer post from an old blog

On a blog now deleted I discussed how Queer Eye for the Strait Guy might be a communist plot bent on the pussification of American men. And I am still anti Queer Eye. My ex used to watch it all the time and I would always wonder why these men went through so much trouble to change themselves for the women in thier lives. I want to be with someone who I appriciate for who he is, not who he could be if he got in touch with his more feminine side and started wearing trendy clothes.
But now I am torn. Here is why.
While watching "Troy" (well, trying to anyway) with a bunch of friends, I mentioned that I have a thing for pretty boys. Not feminine, but attractive men are, well, attractive! My friend Jason pointed out that this could be why I always end up with the Metros. Oops. Now, I will admit that I also tend to like men who work with thier hands, carpenders, electricians, ect. I dated one guy who, in these loosely defined times could have been called a metro, since he dressed better than I and had an obsession with shoes but he could build anything. Course, he also had a coke habit so...
Here's where this is going, could it actually be ok that men are finding thier feminine sides? I would hardly call Mr Right Now feminine, but he admitted to liking Pedicures. (I almost fell over but then I got over it) Maybe, just as I strive to be in touch with my masculine side, (I really am "one of the boys" but with boobs) I need to start appriciating that the men I date are in touch with thier feminine sides. These are the men who won't complain that I spend money on my nails and my feet, but rather will be in the spa chair right next to me getting a pedicure too.
So my new line is drawn, not at the feet, but at the face. I don't think Men should be wearing makeup. I have heard nasty rumors that this is the latest trend in Metrosexuality. I don't like it. Will I get used to it or change my tune if Mr Right Now shows up in eyeshadow? I don't know. I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

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