Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Bliss list and some other things too

Oh my, it has been a busy couple of weeks. There have been a great many things to be blissed out about.

Last weekend I got to explore new places with a person I like to spend time with.

A little extra money came in and I was able to buy some new pants, spoil myself a little and get caught up on my bills

I also started tracking my spending so I can keep more of the money I make. I am notoriously bad about living from paycheck to paycheck. I don't have to. And as a grown up (sort of) I don't want to. I am amazed at how I nickle and dime myself out of a lot of money; stopping for snacks or potluck supplies or quick trips to the craft store (which I have largely stopped doing but still). Insane cravings fro Panda (crack) Express

I've been cooking a lot lately. Almost every day. And by cooking I mean from scratch, not out of a box or out of the freezer. It feels good to experiment with different recipes and think of ways that they can be improved. Plus, when I make my own food, I can sneak broccoli and spinach and such in there and make it healthier.

AN ORDER!! Awesome.

Funny, I was so busy remembering all the great things that I forgot what the other stuff was.


julie said...

I love that you forgot all the other stuff! I am thinking that this whole blissfulness is a really good thing! What is panda express? We were justin the States and my kids were talking about it! Must be food related:) Julie

Ginamonster said...

I'm pretty happy about it too, since I don't think it was overly nice. Panda Express is a fast food "chinese" restaurant. It's pretty darn good. My friends and I swear that they put crack cocaine in the orange chicken, and therefore we crave it. Next time your arrive stateside, it's worth a taste.

Ruth Kelly said...

Love the title of your blog!

pat said...

Cooking from scratch really is more satisfying, I think. I really don't cook much; just eat fresh fruits and veggies, etc. I love the tuna and salmon pouches!