Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gimpy, No.

I reinjured my knee last night. In the usual way, doing what I have trained to do. It wasn't the manuver but the impact that hurt. I just can't slam my knee into the floor these days. At least not the right one.

It hurt a lot, but it hurt more to think that I'm going to have to be off skates for awhile longer while I allow it to heal. Last night was my first back to practice since the last time I hurt myself about a month ago.

In the process of talking it over with my wife though, I realized that in many ways my thought processes undermine my healing. I joke around about being clumsy. Accident prone. Injured all the time. Gimpy. And you know what? I am. Then I get better and Whoa! clumsy me, I am hurt again.

I have to stop. I have to stop being negative because I am making those things true. There's something else that is true. I am strong. I am healthy. I am a good healer.

Let's focus on that instead, shall we?

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