Friday, April 27, 2012

Ah. blissity bliss

Once again it's time for Liv Lane' Little Bliss list, where I recap happy moments from my week. Doing this has helped me so much in finding joy in the little things and keeping track of the happy moments instead of dwelling on drama.

Actually, I have been trying to not get involved in the drama. it's working a little bit

1. Thursday morning rainbows. I don't get to see a lot of rainbows up here in the high desert, so it's a treat to ge to. It's also a treat that at 12:30 in the afternoon the fog was still sitting on the sierras. I miss fog. The gentle way it kisses your skin. How it makes all the greens just a little bit greener...

Photo thank you to this is the one. and it was lovely.

2. A text from my aunt who was experiencing her own rainbow down in Carson City, enjoying an early morning walk, and thinking of things that start with R.

3. Crab Feed on Saturday. I've never eaten so much crab in my whole life. Rumor has it, I ate more than anyone. And I wore it home. All that aside though, it was a wonderful time with some good company and I hope I get to do it again.

4. Defying Gravity. Since my knee has been hurting, I have thought it best that I stay off of my skates. Monday, while I stood there, reffing the nights scrimmage I realized that I don't really want to be ther eif I am not rolling. So Wednesday night, I forced myself to go, but allowed myself to skate. Gently. Not only that, but I did it for the joy. With my ipod in and Frank Sinatra playing. And then, I switched it to the Wicked Soundtrack and realized that for me, skating is my chance to fly. I turned it all the way up and grinned like an idiot and just, enjoyed the wind in my face while the girls stretched. Happily, my knee didn't hurt at all Thursday. YAY!!

5. Dinner with a friend who is moving. Buckeye Beefacke is a wonderful woman with whom I have had the opportunity to skate over the past couple of years. I cannot say enough nice things about her, and I am really going to miss her. Of all the people I have known, she is probably one of the most sensitive and genuinely kind. I wish her the best. I'm glad we got to have one more bloomin onion before she leaves.


Snap said...

Rainbows, skating, dinner with friends --- sounds like a good week to me! Wishing you many Bliss filled moments!

Sabrina S. said...

Love rainbows… Soon you'll be able to skate again.
Cheers from France

Lindsay Drya Vanhove said...

Oh skating, I used to love that when I was younger... don't know why I quit but you inspire me to try it again. :) I wish you lots of healing!
Have a wonderful weekend xxx

Ginamonster said...

Thank you Snap, I wish you many bliss filled moments too!

Sabrina- Thank you, it was good to roll. there's always that little bit of fear when you have been injured, but I am healing nicely! So nice to hear from France!

Lindsay- You're never too old to roller skate! I highly recommend knee pads...