Friday, April 20, 2012

A good week for smiles


Once again it's time for Liv Lanes's Little bliss list fun! I look forward to sharing my happiness with you every week (except when I don't) and hope you enjoy hearing about the little joys in my life. Collecting these moments throughout the week really helps me focus on the positive things in my life.

1. Soapy madness! I have a tendancy to fall short on things like wrapping and labelling my soap especially when life is busy. This winter, I made a bunch, wrapped enough to get me through a craft show, and then forgot about the rest. This week, I got all of it prewrapped (each bar of my soap is wrapped first in wax paper and then in "pretty" paper. This helps protect the soap and keeps any evaporating liquids from leaching through the pretty paper). Well, most of it anyway, I ran out of glue stick last night with two bars of lavender left. It feels really good to have gotten this done.

2. More soapy madness! There were a few bars laying around that had been left without labels so long that I couldn't remember what kind they were. I'm sure I could have figured it out, but I gave them away on facebook instead. I cleared some clutter off my shelf, and the people who got soap, semmed pretty excited about it. WIN!!

3. The power of positive thinking did NOT clean my kitchen last night, but elbow grease did!! I love a clean kitchen. It's all ready for me to use it.

4. I attribute positive thinking and a change in vocabulary to the fact that although I was in extreme pain on Monday after my little knee fall, I feel almost back to where I was last week pain-wise. Not totally healed, I still have pain, but not nearly what I thought. I have almost full range of motion and while I still can't bend it all the way under or kneel on it, why do I need to do that right now anyway? Positive thinking. Change in vocabulary. And a whole lot of tigerbalm.

5. Last night, my laptop started making a really funny noise. Alarmed, I picked it up and opened it and discovered that my sister was calling on Skype! It was great to talk to her and the girls and to see her husband's noggin in the picture as he kissed them all hello. I miss my family so much; it's great to have these wonderful tools so I can see them sometimes.

What is making you smile today?

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