Saturday, August 01, 2009

Chivalry is not dead, just aging

It's been a productive weekend so far. I thought I'd hit Lowes to pick up something to circle in my apricot tree. The soil here is clay and I need something to keep water on the roots and fertilizer too if I ever want it to produce again. Rumor has it, it used to produce the best apricots. I bought everything but...

BUT I got started last night stripping the wallpaper off of my bathroom walls. Cindy, my other mother, sent me a message with a better way (I was spraying it down with water and scraping with a putty knife) and I am hoping her secrets will get the job done quicker. Stripping and painting my bathroom walls has been on my mind for over a year now and I thought rather than sit and wait for the phone to ring, I would get to it. 

This morning I tackled the back yard again. And my neighbor (bless his heart, this is why I only make occasional remarks about him having my ladder and therefore I haven't unwrapped my swamp cooler) popped over to help. He left off his painting and came over, in the heat, to work on my yard with me. He loaned me his pick thingy so I could finish up, admired my squash, sat and chatted a bit. I gave him a bar of soap as a thank you; he had mentioned buying one for his daughter. Thing is, he's always mowing my lawn, and he watered it for me when I was out of town. I've never had a neighbor watch out for me like this. I've had neighbors WATCH me, but never really lend a hand when I didn't know I needed it. It's like having Grandpa next door. I sure do miss my Grandpa. All of them. This one reminds me of the one in AZ.

I filled the mini pool and lounged until I started to burn and I thought, this is what life is all about. I work so I can have these luxuries, but I don't take the time to enjoy them. I'm too busy. I want to change that. No. I am actively changing that. 

Tonight I'm off to Hot August Nights, Downtown Sparks. The Bedlams have a hotel room and have promised to get me drunk. Lets hope the stories are fun and fit for telling. I'm sure they will be. I rarely get out of control, even if that is their goal for me. Whatever. It's going to be fun times. 


212degreedesigns said...

spray the wallpaper with liquid fabric softener.

there i have shared my secret.

you will want to name something after me... a soap will do. lol

Ginamonster said...

LOL. That was Cindy's suggestion. And it worked better than water! I'll keep the soap thing in mind. ;)

RebTurtle said...

That DAP stuff from Home Desperate works great, but if fabric softener works, cool!

When I get old I hope I have cool neighbors like you (that sunbathe in kiddie pools...).

You are probably the most fun drunk of anyone I know. Not that I like you better drunk, just that you're fun and not obnoxious. You also mix a mean mudslide!