Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Free tickets to the gun show

Today's polo shirt has shorter sleeves than what is usual for me. The guys are used to me coming in covered in bruises. I was proudly showing some off Monday since we had a bout on Saturday. (Arm bruises. they don't get to see the ones on my butt. Of which I currently have none)

Today, I had the following conversation with the Cookie Thief...

CT: What happened to your arm?

Me (looking at my shoulder where he was pointing): Oh, that's my Two. (permenant marker takes awhile to fade)

CT: No Right there

Me: Oh, I'm always that color

CT: No, right there, did you get punched? your arm is all swollen!

Me (laughing): that's my muscles.

CT: But it looks swollen!

Me: Now you know why I don't lift weights.

I'm still laughing.

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Bratty D said...

PAHAHAHA!! I'd like two for the front row please :oP