Friday, August 21, 2009


No changes for Hannah. Please keep praying. I am 95% complete with 1 monkey. There's enough interest that I will try and make more. Last night, I was sewing in a bar. That's dedication. Or something. One man offered to buy one and even though I had told him why I was making and selling them, offered me half of my asking price. I was offended. It's not like I have raised the prices for these ones. I offered him a smaller, lower priced version instead of punching him in the face. I should have been a diplomat.

I am back on the house hunt. the housing market in my area is such that I can purchase a larger home (TWO CAR GARAGE!!!) for less than what I pay in rent. My realtor is understanding about my needs and is helping me to find something considerably lower than what I can afford in a neighborhood where I can feel secure. AND she has instructions to slap me if I start showing interest in another dump. We all know that I love a challenge and a home improvement project, but this time around I am looking closely at whether or not I can live with the changes that need to be made until I can afford to make them, and whether I can actually afford to DO the things that need to be done.

I looked at one yesterday that has promise. I like the fruit trees, and the grass just needs water. It has a sprinkler system which will help me alot since i don't have one now and tend to forget to water. Or i water for a really long time in one spot. Inside it appears that it needs paint, linoleum in the kitchen, and new cabinets. Or repaired cabinets. there were a few other things too, but those were the big ones. I can live with the missing tiles on the hearth (I think it would be an excellent opportunity to learn some tile work!) and the purple bedroom. the home comes with a two year warranty.


Yesterday was my first day out looking. And there are a lot of really great houses out there. So although she is going to inquire about the one above, I am not going to decide I HAVE to have it because I might see something better next week. I'm also not sure where I am getting money for down payments, earnest money, and closing costs, but I will cross those bridges when I come to them. I think this is one of those things that maybe you are never completely ready for. That sometimes you just have to jump and pray and trust.

I am waiting patiently for Hi5 to come home tomorrow and yet I am doing my best not to get my hopes up that I will actually see him this weekend. We have been in contact nearly every day since he left (even if only a quick hello on Yahoo Messenger) which has been enough to keep me satisfied about my spot in his world. Mostly, anyway. I dislike a bit, that I have been "waiting patiently" for anyone to return to my general vicinity, but I am interested in seeing where things go next. I'm not a fan of suspense. I don't like to wait and see. But I am learning to do just that. There are many lessons I am larning from this situation and for that, I am greatful.

I look up all day every day to a quote on my board that says, "Everything works out in the end. If it hasn't worked out, it's not the end"

good to know.

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BrattyD said...

You are exactly right on the house buying stuff. We had NOTHING saved or ready when I wrote a $500 "hold" check on our house. We had no idea we'd be writing that check until we saw the ridiculously good un-advertised deal they were offering (well, it WAS a good deal then, dammit). It took a LOT of work, stress, scrambling, borrowing from 401ks to get it, but we FINALLY signed those papers. BOY was that one of the best feelings in the world. We were told to give up, maybe it wasn't the right time, blah blah MANY times during the process, but we said EFF THAT and worked through every issue as they came.

Eat the elephant one bite at a time and you'll be fine. Good luck!