Saturday, August 08, 2009

A new chapter

NG and I sat down and talked last night. It was a much needed communication for both of us. 

I had already decided that stories which include him will be of the harmless sort, fun ones that I could tell with him standing in front of me. I will no longer vent my frustrations about him here in public but to him in private if I have any. He doesn't know I have decided this, but I think it's right. He won't come here again. Well, maybe he will, but for now, he would rather not. 

There were apologies on both sides and we seem to have worked things out. There has been more communication between us in the last day than there had been in a month. I feel as though we are moving forward with a clean slate. It's a good feeling. 

I have finished stripping the wallpaper out of my bathroom and will start prepping it for paint tomorrow. I am amazed at the quality of other people's work. so much was covered by the paper. Things that should have been filled and/or sanded. I am determined to finish the job as if I were being paid for it. I think I should work just as hard for myself as I would for someone else. I think this is the first home improvement project I have done just for myself. Wow. It's a good feeling!


Andrew said...

What kind of discount can I get for multiple bars of Butt soap?

Ginamonster said...

Good gravy, I was hoping you would inquire. (I'm kidding. I have never known you to stink) It will be $1 off each of as many bars as you want to buy. Now if you want to talk about picking up a whole batch...That's a whole new thought!