Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The bitchiness continues

We all knew it was coming. Being as I am peeking at men again, I am bound to post a conversation or two. I think I mentioned that one about the trucker. This one is not as scary, but my response is maybe a little too far on the B way. BUT since I have been referred to as a bitch twice in the last month or so, I think I am simply allowing myself to embrace my inner bitchiness. Wendy would be proud. She was trying once to to teach me the way, but I kept giggling.

Here tis

Not Looking for a Happily Ever After

I am looking for a happy after. =)
You are seriously a roller derby chica?
That rocks hardcore.
If you have a brain (sorry, but your profile does not say one way or the other) I would love if you messaged me =)
I like strong chicas. But intelligence reigns supreme. =)

I'm not certain where in my discourse you questioned the existence of my brain, I had hoped that the brief mention of quantum physics and the fact that I consider it enough to make mention would suggest that I am more than a meathead on skates. I wish you all the world's luck in finding your happy ending, I don't think I am the woman you are looking for.

hee hee. I said happy ending and I don't think he will get what I meant. Maybe I don't give HIM enough credit. Come to think of it, that went beyond necessity and I probably shouldn't have sent it, but it's too late, I already did.



db grin said...

Great reply! One thing about meeting people online is that you get a sense very quickly what's on someone's mind.

If the best pick-up line is 'Hi,' then he went way beyond necessity too.

Maybe you could change your profile to The Skating Brain...?

NWJR said...

Dude, I think that was a bit harsh. I thought he was trying to be cute. Maybe he missed the mark, but wow.

Of course the "I am looking for a happy after" was pretty rude. So maybe he DID deserve it.

VickeyMichelle said...

hehehehehehe...happy ending....hahahahwoohahahahaha

RebTurtle said...

He obviously was fishing for an intelligent woman to offset his personal deficiencies. What do I know, though? Maybe Einstein would use simple and/or incomplete sentences, excessive use of smileys, and begin sentences with the word "but."

I'm glad you put him out of your misery. I cringed just reading it!

Chickie said...

Rebturtle has now made me very aware of starting sentences with "but". But sometimes, it just feels right!