Friday, March 27, 2009


After all that crap earlier, I feel much better. The rest of my day went pretty well and I headed to Home Depot after work for some gardening tools. 

I spent too much (hello. it's home depot. what did I expect?) and came home to find that Chango didn't tear apart anything today. YAY! 

Then we spent a few hours gardening. My yard isn't what I think it should be. The front isn't bad, but the back is all dirt and a poor neglected apricot tree. A few weeks ago I sectioned off an area and created a planting area for all the stuff I planted in little peat pellets. Most of them didn't grow or died. But I still have a few including peas that I will plant. I love fresh peas.

Today, I aerated the planter area, watered the lawn, aerated around the apricot tree and fertilized, planted my raspberry bush (after hanging the trellis behind it) shook my neighbors hand with dirt all over mine, replanted some bulbs from the back to the front, and aerated another area where I was going to plant cotton but I think I will put peas instead. (I'm excited about the peas). I'm also thinking that I might be a "throw the seeds in the dirt and they will grow" kind of gardener as opposed to the kind that plants in fussy little peat pods. I mean, if you can use them GREAT! I like how they grow when you add water. But, um, they've never worked for me. I might joke about having a brown thumb, but gardening runs in my family. I can't be THAT bad. 

I didn't aerate the lawn like I intended, but I can do that tomorrow. 

Right now? my hands are killing me. I have blisters. I'm dirty and sweaty. I have more chores to do. It feels good, though, to have spent some time outside in the dirt, just me and my puppybutt. 


db grin said...

Yay for growing season!

I started our garden indoors a few weeks ago, and the tomatoes, zucchini, & herbs are coming up nicely. The green peppers were a bust, so went and bought seedlings. I think they'll all be ready to plant by next week!

We dug up the entire front lawn a cuppa weeks ago and reseeded it. Then it rained. Now I need to fill in the rivers, reseed, and repeatmoss it all. &%$@&$#&*

tiff said...

And your hands are just one big ol' BLISTER?