Tuesday, October 09, 2007

ok. one more and then I'll shut up. for today.

So, due to stuff as mentioned below, I may have to finally join this century and break down and buy an Ipod. I don't really care that everyne has them, and I have never really felt as though I need one. Until now.

You see, when they pulled my battery yesterday, it cut the power to my car radio. This made the security system kick in. I need a code to unlock he stereo. Thankfully, my fleetwood mac cd popped out, but anyway, I have no tunes in my car. And although I have always been happy to sing in there, I'm a litte out of tune and I prefer to have background music.

No. I don't have to go Ipod. But it would probably sync best with my computer. I'm thinking about the Shuffle. Can't imagine needing more than that.


NWJR said...

Welcome to the iCult.

Sensei Ern said...

If you want the status symbol of last year, get an iPod ($100+).

If you want to get the most functionality for the money, look at SanDisk. You can get a 1 GB MP3 player/FM radio for $50. The new ones look like iPods, but you can get the sound machine plus, either 5 CDs to transfer to MP3, or 50 songs online.

Buzz said...

I thought I was all set with an Ipod Nano, a year ago...

Now I need something bigger. It's a sickness.

However, The darn thing pays for itself after a few months, since I was one of those guys who would buy three or four CD's at 15$ a pop.

Go Nano, or some other brand with at least that much storage space. Shuffle will fill to quickly.

THW said...

Get a protective case for your iPod. Finding a scratch on it gives you the same sinking feeling you get when you see a scratch on your car.

Ginamonster said...

nwjr, totally.

Sensei, I was looking at those but I don't know if they are compatible with my Mac. I DO like that they come with a voice recorder though because the world could use a bit more of my voice in it. hee hee.

buzz, I worry about that.

thw, I almost cried when I noticed that moving made scratches on my Imac...I'm used to the scratches on my car. Why aren't people more careful with my things?