Saturday, October 27, 2007

I am a material girl

I think I am allergic to Nevada. No matter how much lotion I slather on (twice a day) I itch. itch, itch, itch. (The Itchy and Scratchy SHOW!!!) Add that to the fact that I am STILL allergic to my pants, and we have a little problem.

See, I thought it was a laundry detergent issue. but I wore those pants yesterday and not only did I get a rash all over the back of my legs, but a few blisters too. the pants in question are 98% cotton, 2% spandex. Which means if it is a matter of the spandex, then I am likely allergic to most of my clothes.

I am considering retiring early to a nudist colony. Somewhere humid.

Meanwhile, today my day centered around Cowboy's roping festivities. It was a nice break from my usual, and I got to sit and knit until my butt fell asleep. I learned a lot about the sport and have decided that while I really enjoy the company of horses, I would probably get tangled up in my rope and fall off my horse. So I will leave the team roping to the cowboy. Oh and the cattle? looked really cute in their little cow hats. (the cow hats keep the steer from getting rope burns on their heads) Sadly, there weren't any monkeys riding sheep dogs (since I don't know how to link to it, clik on the link over there labelled "Dr Musings" and see the Oct 22 entry. shut up, that is NOT too much work) but there were plenty of bad home decorating options. and since Mary Kay was there, I think Bubbly Creations needs to have a booth there too.

You know, when I have a home and am licenced again.

I didn't actually get to spend very much time with Cowboy, but he WAS terribly busy tending to his horse (I've learned not to expect too much attentionon roping days. Actually, I've learned not to expect too much attention). however he wants to see me tomorrow, which would make two days in a row and a minor record.


Buzz said...

Thought you were all done with the cowboy mess?

As long as you're happy though, that's what's important.


Ginamonster said...

Ah, I'm wishy washy. But I have been feeling happy about it lately.

Jennyko said...'s a combination of the freaking dryness and the crappy water. I'm convinced. I have issues too. Make sure you do a double rinse cycle in the wash, too. Soap is hard to get off...