Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I been trippin. n stuff

My trip to San Diego went wonderfully and I have to say that it was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. Seeing Kristen and Jed was like tonic to my soul and spending time with my other friends (and my mom) was better than an ice cold root beer on a hot day. I'm not sure what the highlight of my weekend was. Maybe it as Kristen's belly, just starting to show the baby in there. Maybe it was Jed's giggle. It could have been sitting with my mom, or huddling under a blanket with Chuck. I thought I would never get up after I tried jumping off a swing and I landed on my ass. on.my.ass. heh. I crawled into Girl Roomie's bed to watch Cars and we ate mint chip ice cream and twinkies. (we both fell asleep without brushing our teeth. I woke up and I swear a skunk had a party in my mouth) We also declared that if you tape a twinkie to the TV at the gym, maybe we might be willing to run on the treadmill.

It was fun, it was wacky, it was just what I needed to remind me what I love about living and what life is all about.

Then I flew home. And we were early! And I thought, Hey! I'll call the Cowboy since it's still early. And tra la la, I didn't know I was in for an adventure.

But my car wouldn't start. Battery was dead. And since I was in the parking garage, the nice lady who decided to help me (people around here don't trust each other enough to lend a hand. She almost drove off) couldn't get close enough for my jumper cables to work. Two hours later, after a lot of reading and chit chatting with my mom, the guy arrived to jump start my car. I didn't call the Cowboy until I was at Sears yesterday getting my battery changed. That took 2 hours too. But I had a book to read and one of the guys was hitting on me (you know, because older women need love too, or so he told me. He also told me he was 23 and age didn't matter, but I found out that he's 19 after I told him that to me, it does.) I am flattered that I can get the attention of 19 year olds. Heh.

Cowboy and I talked for a long time. mostly about how broken he is. And I told him that's ok. The longer we talked the more I felt myself slipping into the "friend" spot in his world, and I'm ok with that. (today) Because even if he doesn't want to date me, I still want to be his friend. Time will still tell what will happen.

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