Friday, August 04, 2006

Wow! Exciting!

I don't often discuss business here because I don't want to sound like a soap commercial. Perhaps I should mention a little more frequently my often neglected side business simply for the reason that it brings me joy.

So in exciting news, I will tell you that my logo is DONE! Special thanks to Court Jones- for designing it for me. He tried to make it look like me but when this is what you have to work with:

and your model keeps falling off her exercize ball, it's tough to get a good likeness. So here she is:

Or at least one of the preliminary sketches. I'm not sure if Court has given me the disk yet. Please note the copyright. This drawing belongs to Court. Please to not "borrow" it. He is a professional artist who makes a living and he worked VERY hard on this design. If you would like to commission work, GREAT!! Please do. I love to see my friends successful.

That rant over, I'll be placing a banner on this page as soon as I get my act together and you can steal and post my banner whever you want. (Sensei)

I've added a new soap to my line! it's Gingerlicious! It has not been posted on the site yet, I need to do some (ahem...a lot) tweaking over there, but it is among the soaps that are now bigger and smellier for your bathtime pleasure. Since I bought a WHOLE BUNCH of Ylang Ylang on sale yesterday, you can expect some of that to make it into soap as well.

I have stickers! and they say, "Feeling Dirty?" I made them over at, which had the best price around if you are looking to make a lot of your own stickers. If you aren't, and you just want to plaster MY stickers on your stuff, let me know and I'll send you one.

Sharon,, met me at the Punk Rock Craft Fair on Sunday, and not only bought a bar of Peppalyptus soap, but mentioned it in her blog! I hope she uses it instead of just sniffing it. I like what she has to say in general and have added her to my daily reads. another super cool happy point for her? She eats Pho. mmm. Pho. with my best friend coming into town next week, I hope to have a Pho Fabulous month.

Really, since joining up with The Bad Girls of Craft, I have felt craftily renewed and excited about all things crafty so you will likely be seeing more of my crafty side in the days to come. Right now I am putting aside my wash cloth knitting (also not available throught the site, but I am thinking they should be) to make blankets for my Webmaster Randy ( who's wife is due in January AND my friend Nicole who I have known FOREVER who's dad gave me my wonderfully wacky pet bird is due in February. Let us all chant, "January, February. Knit, Knit, Knit!"


Chickie said...

I LOVE the logo!

shqipo said...

I see some boobies on that logo - just kidding! :)

It's cool though, best of luck to you!

P.S. I had no idea what Pho was so I had to look it up. We don't have that chain here.