Thursday, August 03, 2006

mini drama dots

  • had Jury Duty yesterday. Ran into my brother who also had JD. We were out by noon. It was lovely.
  • Biker Bob headed off to Illinois yesterday. Since I wasn't working I took him to the airport. I have grown accustomed to having him around so it was a bit strange to not be able to hang out with him or call him after work last night.
  • Still living in the land of confusion.
  • Little "run in" with coworker this morning. She had to attend the weekly meeting yesterday since I was out. They asked her about a report that I tend that had fallen out of favor but has been resurrected recently. She was unaware of it.(it is posted on the public drive for all tho see) She complained that not knowing about this didn't make her feel very much a part of the department. I explained the report, and it's history. What I didn't point out is that she has duties these days that people ask me about that I am unaware of. I do not confront her about it. Just as I don't expect her to tell me everything she does, I don't think she should expect me to tell her every time I create a new form or report. I am a bit miffed by the situation, but I am certain that I will get over it.
  • I should have taken yesterday afternoon to deal with my dad's storage, but I didn't. It's a 60 mile drive to where it is. It's really easy to find reasons not to go out there.

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