Monday, August 14, 2006

Missing Monster

Here I am!

Wednesday I was laying low after the big Email madness. Bossman suggested that I watch myself and not goof off which I kinda did a little bit, I should still...Big craziness? got an email from C. He found my blog. What I thought would be a huge catastophy and terrible thing (I know, it's out there, I knew he would find it eventually) turned out to be a really great event and he now knows about Biker Bob (I wasn't telling him because I didn't want another repeat of the E situation where he dissapeared out of my life for a year over a guy who was only in my world for a few weeks.) and I really feel as though it brought us to a more healthy place in our friendship. Reading it (the WHOLE THING!!!) helped him to better understand me, and our conversation helped me to better understand the place he is right now. it was GREAT!

Thursday I drove to Vegas, burned my mouth on hot tea, attended a Wedding, wandered around the casinos, and went to bed.

Friday, I drove home from Vegas, wandered around my apartment, and went to bed. I stopped in Jean to pee since I have never been there and if I can time my urination to coincide with new experiences, how can that be wrong? as I was leaving, I saw a man standing by the side of the road apparently talking to a tree. Then I realized that he was praying. I took a few minutes to appriciate his devotion to god such that he would pull over in the middle of the desert to pray. how many people, myself included can't even be bothered with getting up early for morning devotions? he may also have just been talking to the tree.

Saturday I spent most of the day reading and doing laundry before work. Then I went to work, got off early, and headed to a bonfire thrown by my friends who are in from VA. You may not remember about a year ago when I wrote this post. My friend was there with her baby. This was the first time I had seen them since the funeral. That baby has her father's eyes. I almost cried. She's beautiful. And she gave me the biggest smile EVER which is way cool because I usually make babies cry. I also got to snuggle the Vislas, which always makes me happy.

Sunday my sister and I went up to our dad's storage, but it was closed. blame me for that one. Went and had pho. mmm. except for the part where I burned my mouth on hot egg rolls. Went swimming at my house with my friends. it was wrestlemainia in the pool. THEN we went for all you can eat japanese seafood buffet where crab and fish jokes did abound. we ended the evening at my friend Liem's house. fun times were had by all.

I'm back at work today and have been plesantly busy. Turns out that Biker Bob will be home tonight so I will pick him up from the airport after practice. Yay. stinky, sweaty Gina. Until tomorrow.


Sensei Ern said...

I figured you were laying low for a while. Glad to see youare still alive!

Maybe limit your blog posting to only a couple times a week, but make them huge. Keep text files of incidental things and post them as one big blog.

sharon reynolds said...

pho! i was looking forward to reading about your sister's trip b/c i knew you were looking forward to it - and the pho! ;)

i kept finding, with my blog, that i would put it off b/c I had so much to say ... and then I'd be like wtf, where are you blog readers come read my manifesto! i've had more luck just posting a few lines each day ... but I'm lucky enough to be by a computer nearly every day, even when I'm traveling (which is every week)... no matter, I like reading your monster rants whenever you get around to them ;) sr