Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Blog a thon

This will be long and picture heavy, I think.

I was having a conversation with a coworker. I described my boss as looking kind of like Santa Clause. It was suggested that I might be an elf. (I denied it). Then the coworker asked me if I owned green shoes and smelled of wood glue. (No green shoes, but sometimes I smell like wood glue) It was announced that I must be an elf. WHICH may actually be true. My mother? has some pretty pointy ears. AND it would explain my constant and compulsive need to make stuff. and so, to complete the picture, I bought these:

They are WAY comfortable. and, by the way, my pants are not short, I took the picture with my feet in the air. it was the best shot I could get.


This is why we don't wear ankle socks. That's a blister, it left a scar. Lucky for you I only take pictures of my feet and legs because there have been a few fun bruises on my ass too.

Today's outfit. I ran out of pants. I am SO SEXY. Wish you could see the rest of the outfit, because um, I'm in the Cruise Director suit today. Totally dowdy.

Meanwhile, Biker Bob was at Wal Mart the other day. As he was entering the building, two boys ran out, laughing, being chased by a security guard. They had obviously stolen something. An older woman, also laughing, called out encourangement to them. When another customer piped up that it wasn't appropriate to encourage stealing, she turned to him, used a racial slur, and threatened to kick his butt. This was, an older woman. Biker Bob was appalled. I am saddened, not only by her encouragement of this illegal behavior, not only because they boys, by thier laughter, were not stealing because they needed the item stolen, but because it was fun, but by the ignorance of the situation.

Theft is just not economically intelligent. The cost of that product HAS to be paid, and that means that the rest of us, and those boys too, will have to pay for it. lower wages because the business owner has to cut back due to theft. higher prices to recoup losses. the effects may be subtle, but so can the rising tide.

and the woman. with her racial slurs. I would be harassing her if I called her the equivilant of what she called that man. And the attitude is perpetuated every time those words are uttered. But people don't think of the effects of that either. The man being yelled at? Will carry that impression with him forever. And I am sure it was not a good impression.

My sister, friend, and I were sitting in Burger King one night eating our burgers. (Not boogers) The back door to the restraunt was locked, but we were opening it when people came to the door. We finally decided that we would not open it anymore, as everyone else could actually go through the front door like we did, and, we wanted to eat our dinner. A family came to the door. We looked up, temptation itching our feet, and went back to our dinners. the family went around front.
As they headed to the bathroom, "Dad" pointed us out to his kids. "Look there" he said, "at those three predjudiced white bitches". Shocked, we could only stare. He repeated himself several times in a very angry tone. His wife looked uncomfortable. When it was all over, we talked amongst ourselves.
This was the first time I have ever been called prejudiced. I think it may have been the last. Sure, we all have predjudice. It's the ability to remember that everyone is an individual and cannot be blamed for the actions of a group that shows acceptance and intelligence. We did not open the door, not because the family had darker skin than we, but because we were exercizing out right to eat our dinners before they got cold.
It was tough, for awhile, not to think that every black man assumed that I am predjudiced. It may be tough for Biker Bob and the other witnesses to that horrible scene to think that all people of that woman's ethnicity encourage thievery. perpetuates the hatred...Prime example of runaway ignorance.

I think that is all for today. I had so much more, but as usual, I have forgotten.


Sensei Ern said...

This might help you. WHen I go hiking, I wear a pair of silk socks under my regular socks.

THis helps reduce blisters because the outside sock rubs against the silk instead of my foot.

Gary said...

I think you need to be careful about sniffing that wood glue. It can be dangerous.

Has anyone ever tod you that you have cute blisters?

That man who made those comments was actually prejudiced. He was prejudging you without really knowing you. That's what prejudice is.

sharon reynolds said...

have you ever been to the Museum of Tolerance in LA? I remember going there on a class field trip (I grew up in Orange County)... and along the tour this was this pair of doors that you had to pass through to continue. One door was for those who have no prejudice. the other was for those who do.

the door for those without prejudice was locked.

i never forgot that.

we all have prejudice. we pre-judge by nature. i believe we are built that way, as part of our internal flight or fight reaction system we must size up the person or object in front of us constantly ... and in fact, Malcolm Gladwell managed to write an entire (really really good!) book about our first impressions, those first few seconds of gut instinct, called Blink (have I mentioned that was a good book?).

Anyway, we all pre-judge. We judge books by their cover because we have to. I suppose it's what we do with those judgments, how we behave next, that defines us.

man, way too deep for 10 p.m.? perhaps. if so, apologies.


sharon reynolds said...

and shit, i could have just posted "ditto gary" and saved myself some typing.


Sensei Ern said...

Prejudism is not a bad thing. Pre-judging can be wrong, but it isn't bad. It is usually wrong when the judgment os made without enough information. Prejudism is a defense mechanism, that if it is not active, you set yourself up to be a victim.

If you see a guy, obviously muslim, do you think he is a terrorist?
-Obviously not

What if that same guy was wearing a trench coat when it is 90 degrees out?
-You should get a little suspicious, yet, he may be from Kuwait where the warm temperature is around 115...90 feels like 65 to us.

What if you happen to see a few wires hanging out of his coat?
-Maybe he is an electrician, but at this point if your prejudism isn't kicking in, something is wrong.

Prejudisms are from the information we have. If the only information you get is that you hear muslim and terrorist several times a day, and the two words are used together, your prejudism kicks in much sooner.

Yet, it is not your duty to seek out additional sources of information as much as it is the duty of the muslim to act responsibly.

Let's change it. What is your reaction when you hear someone described as a fundamentalist Christian Bush-supporting conservative Republican from Iowa?

Odds are, your mind is painting someone intolerant of other views, and carries a gun to make sure his views are the only ones that are given the light of day. You might even picture someone who uses words no larger than two syllables.

Sensei Ern said...

I have never been to the museum of tolerance. But, to have a door locked as you describe only shows that the curators are prejudice. That shows they are not qualified to educate people on how to be tolerant.

Beyond that, why is it that tolerance is extended, but falls short of tolerating those that say an opposing view are wrong?

Sensei Ern said...

By the way, you were prejudiced based on the people. You were judged by this man without having enough information...he was prejudging you.

His remarks showed he is not only prejudiced, but racist, and sexist. But, because he is feeding himself with information from racist, sexist hypocrites, he will be that way. Those hypocrites are fat, dumb, happy and getting rich because of men like this.

It is the lowest kind of person who will use the ignorance of a man to work him into a frenzy and keep him poor while getting rich.

Those hypocrites would not have a plank to stand on however, had white non-racists made the white racists shut up fifty years ago. Had someone stuffed Senator Byrd white hood down his throat, it would have solved a lot of hate today.

But, we are a nation who's first right is that of free speech. Our only defense against hate speech is to shame them into silence. Any effort to silence the hatemonger by any other means is totalitarianism.

Ginamonster said...

Sensei, I had worn ankle socks that day. As long as I stick to knee socks, I am just fine.

I have indeed been to the museum of tolerance, although I didn't get to explaore the whole thing. (one of those neat experiences) I understand what the curators were trying to do, they were saying that no one is innocent of prejudging. and yes, I titally agree that it is an important skill as long as you understand that you could be wrong. I know I have been wrong. Many many times.

Sensei, when you described your republican, my first thought was you! hee hee. I know you are niether close minded nor gun totein. In fact, knowing you has opened my mind to many things. It's all about learning to see the world with open mindedness. and for taking each person as an individual.

Gary, I don't sniff the wood glue, but I can make a huge mess with it! and no, no one has ever told me that I have cute blisters. Thank you?

Sharon, my spider sense is telling me we will be marvelous friends.

Sensei Ern said...

I don't carry a gun, only because of medical problems, that I shared with you a long time ago. I am going skeet shooting with the men of my church. The number of guys bringing shotguns far outnumber those of who don't.

GM, what about the fact I can use multiple syllable words? I may not use that many, but why would I use extra long words when I can say what needs to be said with short ones?

blznhnda:what you have when your motorcycle catches fire